One thing in my life has been constant: I am always. hungry.

Growing up I was a very picky eater: no cheese, glasses of milk, eggplant, zucchini, or eggs, just to name a few. It was only in the past few years that I realized all of the foods that I used to avoid as a child are things that now cause symptoms in my body as an adult. These restrictions sometimes make it difficult to not only satisfy those incessant hunger pangs but also provide adequate nutrition and fuel for my body.

Figuring out these food sensitivities has been a long journey, one that continues to this day. Wheat causes X symptom here, but not there. Was it really wheat that did it? I ate these M&Ms and got a migraine shortly thereafter – maybe chocolate is a trigger? Except I ate a gluten-free brownie the other day and was fine…

You will notice that this blog looks a lot like your pantry: gluten-free this, low-acid that, cans of beans for those “meatless Mondays”,  “organic” mac ‘n cheese, and even the I-don’t-care-what’s-in-it-just-give-me-chocolate brownie mix. The variety here stems from this journey to figure out what exactly it is that I can or cannot eat. And I know a lot of you are in that same boat.

Some of you blessed readers do not have food issues. Many others have discovered one or two things that you can avoid to make you feel better. Others of you – like me – are still working through elimination diets and trying to figure out just what it is that makes you feel sick. My hope for all of us is that someday these food issues will piece together like a puzzle. That maybe we will find the foods the fuel us, not drain us.

These days can be difficult, but that is why I cook. That is why I create recipes. In hopes that eating the foods that are right for each of our individual, unique bodies will make us all feel better. In hopes that we can each find the foods and lifestyles that allow us to reach our full, God-given potential. In hopes of building better families and better communities, one delicious meal at a time.