5-Minute Chai Latte

I don’t know about you guys, but breakfast hardly ever holds me over until lunch.



I could have the heartiest, protein-and-fiber-packed breakfast and I will still be grabbing for a snack around 10:30. My stomach WILL NOT WAIT for lunch. And it always seems to know just when that quiet moment in my 11 o’clock meeting is going to come around….so it can let EVERYONE know that the tiny girl in the corner is HUNGRY.

Fun story: I used to go to the 11 am church service with my friends in high school. One fateful morning my stomach was NOT having any of this wait-for-lunch nonsense. It made possibly the loudest growl/blurp/bellow I have ever heard from anyone in my life. During a prayer. Everyone heard. Friends laughed. And also thought I passed gas. Don’t worry: I eat before church now.


A chai tea latte is usually a fantastic morning “snack” for me. Caffeine (coffee especially) really impacts my stomach and my sleep if I drink it on a regular basis, so this is usually a weekend morning snack. But this can easily be prepped for during the week and heated up at the office. Just remember to bring your frother!


Fun fact: apparently the vast majority of us have been drinking caffeine the wrong way. Our bodies create cortisol as part of our normal circadian rhythm, but drinking caffeine when our body is trying to create cortisol (right away in the morning) is actually counterproductive. Read more here. Drinking caffeine between 10am and noon is probably best for the majority of us. So jump on this as a mid-morning snack and make your body happy!


5-Minute Chai Tea Latte

8 oz boiling water
1 Tbsp chai tea leaves
8 oz soy, almond, or dairy milk
2 tsp simple syrup, sugar, honey, or any other sweetener (more or less to taste)
ground cinnamon and/or ground cardamom for garnish (optional)

Milk frother (electric or manual)

Start by steeping the chai tea leaves in the boiling water. While steeping, add your choice of milk to a microwave-safe mug, and microwave on high for 90 seconds.

Add the sweetener to the hot milk and froth. If you don’t have a frother, you can use a small whisk or even a fork. You can skip this step if you think it’s unnecessary….but I ask you to trust me on this one.*

Once the tea is thoroughly steeped, add it to the sweetened milk and do a quick froth/stir one last time. You should have some pretty delightful foam sitting on top, on top of which you can sprinkle some ground cinnamon or ground cardamom (OR BOTH!). Enjoy!

*Barista’s Note: The way a frother aerates the milk will make you feel like you spent five-plus-dollars on a fancy drink from Starbucks. Besides, you can pick up a battery-operated frother at just about any kitchenware/home goods store for $15 or less.


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